What is the cost of installing a sewer backflow preventer?

What is the cost of installing a sewer backflow preventer?

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Backflow is a pretty severe problem that most of us have to deal with. There are several agencies that are well-trained to conduct backflow testing, and can point out to you the most vulnerable areas of the plumbing network. Backflow is the reverse flow of contaminated water into the potable drinking water supply. The reason that you need a backflow preventer for your sewage line is that it will prevent sewage from coming back inside the house. This is generally really important since it helps protect the residential water lines. Also, one of the perks of such a system is that the backflow preventer can be installed in a pre-existing system as well, in addition to being installed on the newer ones. So, that guarantees a lot of flexibility. 

Cost is a big factor behind any decision. It is not any different when installing backflow preventers. Usually, backflow preventers for sewers start at around $300, covering both components and installation expenses. However, the cost may increase substantially if the pipes at your home are under the basement. This is because there is an increase in the total labor costs for such a case. Although on average, $300 might seem sufficient for installing a backflow preventer, for some cases, as mentioned previously, the cost might be in the $600 to $800 range. However, the components required to complete the job are as low as just a hundred bucks. It is the rest of the process that is a little too costly to deal with. 

Although the costs on paper are not that much, it all depends on the layout and the condition of the site where the preventer would be installed. If the layout is simple enough and not at all too complicated, then that may drive the costs down. Now, there are mainly three components that constitute the total cost of installing a backflow preventer. The first is the parts or the components, which cost within the $70 range on average. However, the parts can be costly depending on the location. In some locations, the cost of those same parts can be about $200 as well. So, it comes down to the location of the site where the backflow preventer would be installed. Next, are the labor costs, which can range anywhere between $150 to $500 and more. 

Finally, to install a sewer backflow preventer, you need a permit, which costs about $50. Aside from the permit, which is usually a flat fee, the rest can vary depending upon a variety of factors. Some of the most important factors that decide the true cost of installing such a device begin with the type of device that one wants to install. Next comes the size of the backflow preventer that one needs. Usually, the size can vary from as little as one-half of an inch to 12 inches. Next, is regarding whether the preventer is being installed in an existing sewer line or a new one. Then, the location of the sewer lines needs to be considered. Finally, an estimation is made about the overall complexity of the job. These things finally decide the true cost of installing such a device.       


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