Why a proper backflow installation is so important

Why a proper backflow installation is so important

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For any plumbing system, a backflow installation is extremely important. It protects the drinking water supply of the company from being contaminated and safeguards the health of the people living in the house. Backflow can pose a serious hazard and that can lead to lots of problematic consequences for the individuals concerned. The threat of backflow is everywhere, be it a commercial water supply unit, residential water supply unit, or any other industrial unit. Since any form of backflow could result in the contamination of the entire drinking water supply, there might be a serious public health calamity waiting if the mandates regarding backflow testing are not adhered to properly. In addition to posing serious health concerns when the contaminated water is drunk or used, there can also be a list of other such damages that may result from a backflow. 

The mechanism of a plumbing system is pretty simple if looked at objectively. The underlying principle is that for the water to reach the various faucets, wash sink, and other similar outlets, it is maintained at a certain level of pressure inside the pipes and the larger plumbing system to facilitate the movement of water only in a single direction, which is to move the potable drinking water into our homes and to remove the contaminated or wastewater out of the homes into the sewage lines or other such dumping grounds. This is an effective summary of the intention and principle behind the water supply. Now there are certain reasons why the backflow occurs. It may happen due to a sudden drop in the pressure level due to the sudden freezing of the water inside the pipes, or maybe due to any other reason. When the pressure drops, the contaminated wastewater is sucked into the potable drinking water system thereby contaminating the whole water line. 

This is why experts recommend installing Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) valves in the plumbing system as it helps in dumping out the wastewater rather than letting it seep into the drinking water system. Also, just installing a backflow prevention device is enough, then that is not the case, as it needs regular and periodic maintenance to ensure its optimum condition. Since the essential function of a backflow prevention device is to dump out or remove the contaminated water, when the pressure drops inside the plumbing system, the prevention device may be susceptible to depreciation and the usual wear and tear. The dumping out of the wastewater prevents it from contaminating the entire potable water source and it is also one of the simplest ways by which one can protect the drinking water source. Several laws make it essential to regularly check the installed backflow prevention device to ensure that the backflow prevention device is in the best shape possible. It also minimizes the chances of any form of contamination occurring. If the condition is not great, one can just search for “replacing backflow preventer” options on the internet. RPZ testers are also vital in checking for the most vulnerable points in a backflow system.

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