Why backflow testing & prevention is important

Why backflow testing & prevention is important

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We need water in our daily life for household chores, cleaning, and drinking; water is one of the essential things that every living being requires to live. But how to ensure that the water we are using is clean? Backflow testing ensures the cleanliness and safety of the water. Today we will talk about backflow testing and why it is essential. Let’s begin.

When contaminated water reserves flow and get mixed with clean water lines, that is called backflow. It happens due to significant changes in water pressure and can occur at any cross-connection between clean and dirty water lines. It causes serious health issues; therefore, in many countries, it is compulsory for apartments, buildings, and other public places to do backflow prevention and testing.

Backflow prevention is an installation of a safety device that prevents backflow occurrence. When there is a drastic change in water pressure, this device blocks the dirty water from mixing with clean water. It is, therefore, essential to test and install the machine properly so that the clean water line is free of impurities.

Types of Backflow Devices

Backflow preventers are of various types depending on their mechanism and unique applications. You can ask your plumber which one will be best for your home. Some of the standard devices are:

  • AVB (Atmospheric vacuum breakers)
  • AG (Air gaps)
  • PVB (Pressure vacuum breaker assemblies)
  • RPBA (Reduced pressure backflow assemblies)
  • DCVA (Double check valve assemblies)

Why should you do Backflow Prevention and Backflow Testing compulsorily?

As we mentioned earlier, backflow testing is compulsory in many countries. But even if it is not a compulsion in your locality, there are many reasons why it is essential, and you should do it. 

Below we have discussed the importance of doing backflow prevention and testing:

Guarantees Safe Drinking Water

Dirty water may pass through damaged pipes, septic tanks etc. Drinking contaminated water can cause serious health hazards; one may suffer from diarrhea, stomach pain, and vomiting. Therefore it is essential to do annual backflow testing and backflow prevention so that you don’t consume dirty water and fall sick.

You can contact any licensed plumber in your locality to install your backflow preventer. Before that, remember to do the backflow testing as well. They have date markings, which gives you an idea of when to schedule the subsequent backflow testing. 

Avoid Structural dent

Backflow is when water goes backwards; during that time, it hits the adjoining structure and threatens them by causing corrosion or any dent. When you do regular backflow testing, it keeps the water flowing freely and keeps the walls undamaged and moisture-free. 

Preserves the environment

If we don’t do regular backflow prevention, there might be situations when plumbing pipes come apart, backflow happens, and various water storage areas get affected. This contaminated water can reach different water bodies causing harm to the environment. In case anyone consumes that water, it can cause serious health issues. Therefore one should not ignore the critical aspects of backflow prevention and protect the environment by doing it on time.


So we see now why backflow testing and prevention are so important. It ensures good health and the protection of everyone in the community. In some places, you get fined, or the water supply to your home gets disconnected if you do not complete the testing on time. Therefore one should do timely backflow testing and prevention. 

You can contact your nearest backflow testing centre, and they will send their person to do the testing and backflow installation. Or if you know any plumber doing such work, you can call him to do it.


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