Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. What is backflow testing for?

    Backflow testing evaluates the backflow prevention system if it is working properly or not. The backflow system works to stop the water to flow backward and enter the clean water supply. Backflow testing ensures that the water backflow prevention system is working properly.

  • Q2. Is backflow testing necessary?

    Yes, backflow testing is a necessary part of the water backflow prevention process. As per state and local municipal laws, it is compulsory to get annual water backflow testing as it helps to keep the water supply safe and clean for citizens. For all apartments, individual homes, commercial places, restaurants, and other public places, it is necessary to get it done. You can hire Smart Water Inc. in New Jersey for backflow prevention device installation and testing.

  • Q3. How is backflow testing done?

    The backflow testing procedure involves two basic steps; first, checking if water backflow is present or not, and second, finding a cause and fix it. In the test procedure, gate valve and relief valve are used with backflow testing device. The tester closes the valves and checks the differential gauge movement and water leakage.

  • Q4. What is the purpose of backflow testing?

    Drinking water usually flows in one direction from source to tap, but because of pressure change or other mechanical problems, sometimes, water starts flowing in opposite direction and it is called water backflow. Water backflow contaminates the drinking water and becomes the reason for many water-borne diseases. The backflow testing helps to find the problem that is causing this water backflow and fix it.

  • Q5. What is an RPZ test?

    RPZ is a type of backflow prevention device that ensures safe water flow and prevents water backflow. The device is made up of two valves that are having a chamber in between to monitor water pressure fluctuations. RPZ test is done annually to check how efficiently it is working. After the RPZ test, RPZ certification is given certified technician that it is working properly. You can hire Smart Water INC for annual RPZ testing.

  • Q6. How do you test an RPZ backflow device?

    RPZ backflow device testing is a tough procedure and can be done by only professionals. You can call us for RPZ testing today!

  • Q7. What is an RPZ backflow preventer?

    RPZ or reduced pressure zone device is one of the safest types of backflow preventers that are used to keep the water supply safe and contamination-free by preventing water backflow.

  • Q8. How does an RPZ backflow preventer work?

    As earlier explained, it is made up of two check values with a pressure monitoring zone in between the valves. It also has one relief value that opens up if both the check values stop working properly. So by checking relieves value, you can check RPZ condition. If relieve value is spitting out water, it means you need valve maintenance.

  • Q9. How much does an RPZ valve cost?

    RPZ valve cost starts from $300 and it varies with the size of the device.

  • Q10. Can I install my own backflow preventer?

    Only if you are trained to do it and if not, it would always be better to hire a qualified licensed technician for the installation of backflow preventers. As even a minor fault can become a reason for improper functioning and can cause water backflow.

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