Pan Metro Services

  • - Clfford Lyle Blevins was a friend of mine.
  • - I first met him at a volunteer project in Jersey City when I was 19.
  • - Lyle became a master plumber and then a certified backflow tester shortly after the program started in the state of NJ in the 1980s.
  • - Thus Pan Metro was born.
  • - I have been in the water business since the late 1980s.
  • - I became a certified tester in 2018 and shortly thereafter started to work with Lyle doing testing and repairs.
  • - For the next year we worked together and I learned a great deal about all things backflow.
  • - Sadly, Lyle passed away suddenly in February of 2020.
  • - With the approval of his family I purchased the assets of Pan Metro Services and continue the legacy of my friend and mentor.

+1(732) 735-9318